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/spam/ ~ Help
File 153942241658.jpg - (28.54KB , 1080x286 , 20181013_051952.jpg )
2036 No. 2036
I cant get any captcha to work is there any way i can fix this all it will do is the little circle loading thing and it wont let me select any of the pics or even bring them up any help is helpful
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>> No. 2037
File 15396005373.jpg - (85.15KB , 960x660 , goygle.jpg )
Same thing happening to me using Chromium browser
have to open captcha links in Firefox

what browser are you on?
>> No. 2038
lo mismo me sucede
>> No. 2039
lo mismo me sucede a mi
>> No. 2040
if you find website with captcha or request JS GO OUT no wait change of website

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