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/spam/ ~ Donate??
File 154242980546.jpg - (341.96KB , 608x608 , IMG_20181116_2.jpg )
2104 No. 2104
Hey anon, I need $400 Canadian maybe to go see my special lolita online lover. Pic possibly related. I think I am in love. Pp=adrizey1#gmail.com change # to @
Please even $1 or $3 would be amazing and appreciated I'm just hoping there's a Richard millionaire out there can buy me a plane ticket. But I also need just $15 for another small project thanks

God bless the Triforce!!

Ps She has the trifecta of things that turn me on, two tits a pussy and a pulse (optional), plus She looks to be a grade A+++ lolita probably an amazing fuck buddy.

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>> No. 2124
You want my credit card number? LOL
>> No. 2128
File 154276817359.png - (375.37KB , 720x1440 , Screenshot_20181117-214903.png )
Maybe if you don't check your bill regularly poo head

Can anyone just spare two or three dollars?? I need to start a brand new 180chan!!
>> No. 2129
File 154276820759.png - (369.52KB , 720x1440 , Screenshot_20181117-214921.png )
Day gap 😋
>> No. 2130
File 154276827318.png - (438.53KB , 720x1440 , Screenshot_20181117-180550.png )
>> No. 2131
File 154276836562.png - (399.99KB , 720x1440 , Screenshot_20181119-175302.png )
PayPal adrizey1#gmail.com

1 Dolla 2 Dolla? How am I supposed to support my crack and Thai boy habit on welfare wages???!
>> No. 2161
You gotta work for that money ! Share more to make it worth our money :)

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