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/spam/ ~ Donate??
File 154242980546.jpg - (341.96KB , 608x608 , IMG_20181116_2.jpg )
2104 No. 2104
Hey anon, I need $400 Canadian maybe to go see my special lolita online lover. Pic possibly related. I think I am in love. Pp=adrizey1#gmail.com change # to @
Please even $1 or $3 would be amazing and appreciated I'm just hoping there's a Richard millionaire out there can buy me a plane ticket. But I also need just $15 for another small project thanks

God bless the Triforce!!

Ps She has the trifecta of things that turn me on, two tits a pussy and a pulse (optional), plus She looks to be a grade A+++ lolita probably an amazing fuck buddy.

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>> No. 2124
You want my credit card number? LOL
>> No. 2128
File 154276817359.png - (375.37KB , 720x1440 , Screenshot_20181117-214903.png )
Maybe if you don't check your bill regularly poo head

Can anyone just spare two or three dollars?? I need to start a brand new 180chan!!
>> No. 2129
File 154276820759.png - (369.52KB , 720x1440 , Screenshot_20181117-214921.png )
Day gap 😋
>> No. 2130
File 154276827318.png - (438.53KB , 720x1440 , Screenshot_20181117-180550.png )
>> No. 2131
File 154276836562.png - (399.99KB , 720x1440 , Screenshot_20181119-175302.png )
PayPal adrizey1#gmail.com

1 Dolla 2 Dolla? How am I supposed to support my crack and Thai boy habit on welfare wages???!
>> No. 2161
You gotta work for that money ! Share more to make it worth our money :)
>> No. 2292
Video mobile
>> No. 2313
LOL! You actually expect people to donate to you when you are being a prick to them? A pic with the face hidden. Screen shots showing nothing. Try posting the goods, copper. Your pics are straight out of an LEA handbook. If posting pics, clothed and face hidden. Any image of full girl, blurred.

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