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/spam/ ~ film concept
File 154321096228.jpg - (106.33KB , 526x805 , 42fd04d1001dff4504b6d87fc0fec510.jpg )
2141 No. 2141
film concept Anonymous
I'm not sure where to post this . If this isn't the right place , I apologize in advance.

The reason why I am posting is because oiI am interested in getting some opinions about a new file project that I am wanting to do .I chose Chan as a platform because we are all aware of the content of this site and it seemed to be the best place to approach this subject.
This film project is a full length feature about a 6 year old girl named Emily Darling and her misadventures of sexual exploitation.
This film isn't clips of porn ,amature webcam shots . This film will be 120 min . It has a fully developed plot , subplot and developed characters (not an amature porn movie from California ).
I can't film it where I am so I am looking for location ideas, casting , and production ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've seen movies of home video go for $200- $300 . I am more then confident that after completion it could sell for at least twice that a copy . I also have other completed scripts for this series as well as developing scripts for a new series. Thank you.
>> No. 2142
Dreamer. Not chance getting this in reality.
>> No. 2153
very interesting

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