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/spam/ ~ sero
File 15433484648.jpg - (273.51KB , 550x732 , 1543346959363.jpg )
2144 No. 2144
Take advantage of the moment of adopting
>> No. 2146
I bet could ez find parent to lend me their daughter to get in america ;p
>> No. 2217
Guatemala is a country from a continent calls America, If you euroguys are so stupid.
>> No. 2231
north america is one continent & different to the south american continent
obviously you never attend that class in basic geography
you should have though as it's a quite large difference which you've learned in particular class at school
usually the north amreican continent is mentioned as just north america and that's it
the south american continent is labeled as latin amercian continent sometimes or just south america and that you've failed to tell btw

i know this basic knowledge as it's a basic and common subject in classes of schools
i don't even belong to the american continents neither of them nor europe
if i did'nt know which continent i'm in i'd be in deep problems;)
>> No. 2233
is a country from Central America not south America.euroguys are inmigrants who came from Europe to America who invited them nobody knows yet and they came with blacks and asians too.
>> No. 2234
its central America.
>> No. 2353
Central America is a region at the southern tip of the North American continent. It is also called a subcontinent of North America. The North American continent consists of 23 countries and 23 territories of north, central, and Caribbean Islands. Study well. Test on Monday. ;)
>> No. 2359
I'd imagine adopting is a hassle for us pedos so I personally never looked into it
Single moms best I imagine girls with shitty father yearn for that older male protection

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