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/spam/ ~ Help me!
File 154414600411.jpg - (29.11KB , 400x500 , kks.jpg )
2160 No. 2160
I need some good suggestions to navigate safely through these sites.
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>> No. 2290
1. Install Tor Browser
2. Click the black onion at top left corner -> Security Settings -> move slider to safest
3. Type about:config on the address bar, click the button that shows up
4. Type on the search bar at the top of this new page: javascript.enabled
5. Change javascript.enabled's value to false

If you want to hide it from your ISP: during installation, when asked "Connect or Configure" click Configure, select that your country blocks Tor and pick a bridge (obfs4 is good). If you already have it installed, you can do the same by clicking the black onion -> Tor Network Settings
>> No. 2291
File 154675525265.png - (16.71KB , 470x278 , tips.png )
I just made a post but it didn't show up, so I'm posting it as image instead
>> No. 2300
You don't, it's safer to rape a child.
>> No. 2302
While you're in about:config,set "send referer" to "0" (do not send).

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