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/spam/ ~ Yulya's Age? (y068)
File 154592136014.jpg - (136.73KB , 1200x1600 , p6230047.jpg )
2252 No. 2252
Does anyone know for certain, the age of Yulya y068 when she started modeling for Vlad Models?

She looks around 7 years old in her early sets and maybe 11 or 12 in the later sets but I'm just guessing.

Also, does anyone know what years she modeled, what her age would be today, and what she is doing now?

Was Yulya her real name?
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>> No. 2254
there's something in a former models life that should be untold......
and you querys are by far breaking all those never spoken rules
her real name isn't yulya which should be quite obvious some used their real names slightly changed at vlad and other studios

just of curiousity mine and others who may share same thoughts as i do but her relatives won't approve which is a fact
imagine your info personal info like your real name and what you're doing it's quite similar whatever the excuse could be it isn't
so imagine your origin date of birth age and such would be out on a chan
would you be pleased to share all you've been up to with complete strangers
consider yulya now still think she'd love all that attention today........

you're just one but all the others who can read the same as you

about the other more general querys
if you got the 2014 vlad index you may find her age in there or in the 2007 vlad index
late bloomer that's a small hint though......
consider her situation just once


>> No. 2256
She or cute love to put my dick in that
>> No. 2258
File 154598181845.jpg - (44.85KB , 520x780 , 768.jpg )
I'll happily accept that answer and meant no harm. Yulya has always been a favorite model and I've always wondered about her age when she started modeling and thought another admirer could help. I can do my own research from here. The other questions are unimportant. Thanks for your reply.
>> No. 2261
>>2254 mine

all good what i'm concerned.......
not a big deal curious about someones age when modeling
it's the later time after career what's concerns not me as much as her relatives
and that may even give the capitol RED dude an answer;)
some makes a living being around the web & the purpose is based upon info irl and today stuff
a great business except to those who may think they'll need certain services like mine happens to be........
and that should have cleared the fog for the capital RED dude;)
if not there's always google even if the service provided can be a tough one to find with the mentioned site......

other then that wandering out of the subject
i never intend to add a slight fear to any response i'll make to querys
curiousity healthy kind isn't wrong but some may seem to be of another nature that's cause responses like mine
happy new year may yours & the capitol RED dude have the best upcoming 2019

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