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/spam/ ~ OMG and 18OMG Discussion Thread
File 154605402816.jpg - (886.29KB , 3744x5616 , 1540_IMG_2994.jpg )
2260 No. 2260
I'm creating this so that some anons and I can discuss content and what to post without crapping up a most excellent thread in /mir/ :


Preview pic: "Crystal", who later did teh pr0n under the name "Jazlyn Dimez".
>> No. 2268
Hi NM,
Loved your thread.. This crystal looks hottie. Post her albums
>> No. 2273
hi there nm just thoughts for now nothing rude or offending even if i may seem a bit harsh sometimes
blame it on language & such;)
i'm the bloke with the jj vid post.......thanks for great threads much appreciated

btw most of jj & the vids i've added to this thread i've found not at anonib well a couple......
the sets arrived in another bunch by a nice bloke some time earlier
except the sets 101 and forward cause those are new to me
where i've found many of the vids lets say my posts or complete threads disappeared without notice
threads where i've added some or just said thanks.......

this was just a thought well no business of mine really but could'nt resist as it worked for me
since decades shared traded not necessarily the same content at the place i happened to be atm
see the below as it is a friendly way of keeping some discussions in control or something like that nothing else promise..........
>btw it's an easier way for you nm & mn to communicate without crapping up the thread......
>> No. 2287
NM - Sorry for my recent absence. Head back over to that vola so that we can try to help each other out.
>> No. 2315
hope we got more OMG and 18OMG models
>> No. 2317
Wots happend all other sites n pages blank mods

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