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/spam/ ~ Hillary
File 155008696848.jpg - (29.66KB , 720x495 , image001.jpg )
2390 No. 2390
How come Hillary wore blackface and the media is silent?
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>> No. 2392
Because it didn't happen you stupid fuck
>> No. 2398
That is not Hillary and Bill. That's Roger Clinton and an known lady, possibly an African-American.
>> No. 2415
Here's one from the internet- ''Professor claims that Mary Poppins was racist because of the soot on her face.'' (In the original 1964 Disney movie)
>> No. 2421
That is most certainly not Bill and definitely not Hillary. Maybe you should stop spewing falsehoods
>> No. 2424
Libtards- humor gene is non-existent

>> No. 2425
File 155180670620.jpg - (43.59KB , 615x462 , whoopi-ted-roast-2-615x431@2x.jpg )
Ok how about Ted Danson roasting his then girlfriend Whoopi Goldberg? No problem right. So why is Whoopi now all upset about others in blackface?

Liberals = hypocrisy
>> No. 2427
File 155189559496.jpg - (56.47KB , 636x382 , blackface.jpg )
Liberal hypocrisy:
>> No. 2429
Every politician hypocrates no exceptions
Forbid politics not useful to mankind

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