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/spam/ ~ Encryption methods
File 15059170061.jpg - (34.78KB , 177x200 , lock.jpg )
261 No. 261
Do you do full disk encryption or volume encryption? What programs you guys recommend for securing your PC and phone?
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>> No. 262
I use Bitlocker, the tool provided by Windows... maybe not the best option, but gives at least some protection
>> No. 263
Old schooler here using Truecrypt which even the FBI couldn't crack it http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/06/28/brazil_banker_crypto_lock_out . Anyone still not encrypted his collection should use Veracrypt which is essentially an improved Truecrypt.

I'm not touching anything closed source especially post-Snowden.
>> No. 280
Truecrypt is the same as it was before everything that's gone on for the past years.
It has not been redone by anyone.
So it's the only one I trust.
Been using it for years on the full OS.
I normally reinstall the OS every year or so too.
>> No. 284
im not sure about veracrypt..
anyone have a link for the old version of trucrypt before the audit? i think it was version 7?? idk
>> No. 285

>> No. 309
There's legit sites that give version
with all those checks & balances.
They were done when the app was upgraded to the last & final version which was an uninstal or such because of the presumed pressure on the two authors' gonads or lifestyles by our protectors of liberty. I'll try to find a url or just ooogle it.
I'm sure Veracrypt is fine, but I'm POSITIVE Truecrypt is ok because it was nuked by your protectors.
>> No. 453
File 150878957166.jpg - (469.35KB , 1600x1067 , dims.jpg )
for the 'if they really wanna get you nothing will stop them' fags
>> No. 474
This may look positive at first glance and reassure people that encryption works, however......I think this is a precursor to the government proclaiming they need to weaken all encryption.
>> No. 1221
This guy is an idiot. Stick with Truecrypt 7.1a https://www.grc.com/misc/truecrypt/truecrypt.htm or use Veracrypt. Veracrypt is from Truecrypt code with updated features.
>> No. 1728
Bitlocker is fine as long as you are not trageted by the NSA... They don't give a fuck about CP btw. :)
>> No. 2267

what makes you say that? Just curious.
>> No. 2269
Best variant - live in country, where our stuff is allowed. Just know worldwide laws and emigrate in country, where FBI not have authorities. I got it, and now live in country, where never no extradition to other countries and our stuff now is absolutly legal. You never not feel himself in safe, if FBI can take you, can you use anonymous technologie or not. I say: go to the free countries!

I see nightmare, where landing FBI chopper in front of my bungallo, but I know, that it will destroyed by ANTI AIR SHIELD this country.
>> No. 2366
i just view this site without vpn. nothing will happen in my country
>> No. 2391

this is correct

there is no need for encryption or for vpn. especially on this site.

some people just like to spend lots on overkill stuff. if this site was bad u wouldnt be able to access it = the owners are in the usa and quite a fw mods!!!

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