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/spam/ ~ 2 of 3 chans down. Bookmark the emergency link NOW
File 150815820126.jpg - (31.88KB , 355x199 , sinking.jpg )
370 No. 370
144 and 155 have been shot down. We won't be able to get 144 back before mid November or 155 before end of November. We're looking into resurrecting one of them under a new name to bring it back immediately. If 180 falls I'll be updating you over at https://8ch.net/triforce using this same tripcode as above !0dPczDktyE.
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>> No. 371
don't worry, this one will be shot down probably somewhere today too.
>> No. 373
File 150816486311.png - (330.82KB , 1917x870 , Screenshot_2017-10-15_20-04-55.png )
Perhaps you need to also direct your ire towards Sharechan as well. Check out the password on this post on their Requests board. Your enemies may be more numerous than you imagine.
>> No. 377
just reported you on 8ch as well since they no longer allow pedo shit ^_^
>> No. 379
Hey I am new here so I don't know what is going on but why do you hate us so much?
>> No. 380
File 150818533280.jpg - (77.06KB , 603x473 , nefilim.jpg )

this is between me and little avery. for you see I am a messenger of doctrine and covenants to make him see the light.

Prov. 6:25 Matt. 5:28 (3 Ne. 12:28; D&C 42:23; 63:13, 16)
>> No. 382
File 150818680381.png - (30.05KB , 576x376 , religions-of-the-world.png )
But "religion shit" is boring too. If you don't like the site simply avoid. Will be awesome to you more freetime for work and generate more money to your religious leader or even suck her holy dick.
>> No. 387
Wow.... What a faggot who thinks he better than us all. What were you doing here to begin with? Between just you and Avery? Get a fucking life go sucks God dick like a good boy you are. God will continue to let us see the art and beauty in every heavenly bodies...he gave us a dick and pussy to play with
>> No. 389
No. 10491

Dont worry the new sites will be on my servers, that way when he tries to report the sites to the server company,(me) I got him. Name Address, I.P., everything, then the little anon snitch war goes nuclear.

He wont get it done then, or every try it again.
>> No. 390
File 150821207484.jpg - (52.84KB , 1123x708 , Capture.jpg )
Just tried this link and no luck, will it be activated if and when ...
>> No. 391
File 150823458254.jpg - (2.50KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
I typoed. The last resort link has been updated to 8ch as the other site kicked us out. Make sure you check on updates at https://8ch.net/triforce (not 8chan sorry) if 180 goes down. We're trying to revive one of the other chans under a new name within 2 days hopefully 180 stands.

On a totally separate note I really hate ad blockers right now, refusing to reward us for taking all this crap for them.

>> No. 392
so the chans go down and they are going to be rehosted on another server? suspicious and i think someone has been compromised. time to jump ship completely. i just hope you all have been taking precautions when clicking on links because i have a bad feeling about this.
>> No. 393

cool story, bro

i'm behind 7 proxies, bitch.
>> No. 394
@Mod May I suggest you lock the 8ch board until such time as you need to use it? I think there is a setting to do that in the Board owner mod.php account.
>> No. 396
File 150826964273.jpg - (2.51KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
I'm tired of hearing this shit every time we go down. If you think we're a honeytrap why the fuck are you still posting here dumbass? Oh wait you're not reading this post because you're supposedly gone right?

I quickly looked for something like that but didn't find it. I don't mind having Guyver destress over there a bit it gives him less energy for trolling here.
>> No. 399
Former 8ch B.O here. Can't recall a lock setting as being a thing but if I was unable to attend to my board for a while I would push out the time delay for new thread creation and set the MINIMUM characters per post to something randomly high, way high, into the thousands; that way anybody trying to post/spam would get a "Body Too Short" error.

He Who Shall Not Be Named looks like he's had a new sperg-out over there.
>> No. 400
File 150827631413.jpg - (2.51KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
It has that option for OP threads, not replies. I enabled captcha's for posting which would drain some of that monkey's excessive energy. As I said I think it's good he's wasting his time there because it's totally useless until 180 falls.
>> No. 401
File 150827692055.jpg - (2.51KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
So we're trying to convert the old databases and folders into a new domain and server. We have the backups but I don't know how to "rebuild html files" for the new domain when it's not accessible yet. Should I start a fresh installation then drop its DBs and restore our DBs instead? Do the SQL DBs need modifying? What about the cache should I edit its files to the reflect the new names or totally flush it? A step by step guide would be great. If it works we could have one of the two dead sites resurrected tomorrow under a new domain.
>> No. 403
>>10592 here
>It has that option for OP threads
Ah, okay, my chan-fu has lapsed since my little board was caught up in the Watkins coup de chan. :(
>> No. 404
There is a reply in your email.
>> No. 405
So what's going on? Is this some kind of personal feud or just a crusader who has you in his sites?
>> No. 407
Lolifox also went down today. Is it related?

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