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/spam/ ~ Why responsible sharing isn't wrong
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This may come as a surprise to many people here but your mod is a moralfag. I can't do or participate in something unless I see ethical grounds for it. I want to take this opportunity and share my thoughts on copyright because while most shares on our chans are for dead agencies or sluts liberal girls willingly uploading to FB and YT, some shares still come from active agencies.

The reason I think a little sharing is morally acceptable is because in the internet age only the one best producer kills all its competitors since data replication costs nothing. That goes for the best song producer, best movie producer, best photo producer, etc. You only need to make the best product and instantly everyone on the planet has access to it and would buy it instead of your competitor's product.

So in return for this vast profit and laying off everyone starting from the worst producer all the way up to the second best it's reasonable to demand some public good tax in return. I think of reasonable copyright infringement as the primitive version of Universal Basic Income.

UBI's reasoning is since automation would eventually lead most humans to unemployment and only a handful of programmers and robot manufacturers would be making billions it's fair to tax this handful so the others don't starve to death. In other words if you're making inordinate profits from an automated system that automated system has to pay back to society.

That said emphasis is on responsible sharing because too much would kill an agency like what happened to Vladmodels. I'd take any siterip down in a snap if requested by its copyright holder. The only exception is Newstar's Sergei which I'd still do that for him if he issues an apology on his blog for the bullshit he accused our chans of, and TPI I only wanted to give them a slap on the wrist for being rude but I won't tolerate full siterips for them if they DMCA'd it either.


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