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File 15094914373.jpg - (16.38KB , 310x350 , 830872434214018.jpg )
518 No. 518
I just lost over 300 links with that last Deletion. Now I don't know for sure but my gut feeling is Nedphotog is behind this. And he somehow had the entire section affected to cover the real target, Me. Just a gut feeling? As soon as I posted that new 180 dedication thread with new posts, KABOOM!.

Regardless whoever is responsible I ask you please!

Just do me one favor when 155 reopens please delete that thread for me,
no explanation needed.

Thanks justdoit
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>> No. 526
File 150963333254.jpg - (41.04KB , 550x367 , kirk-khan-shout.jpg )
It must be nedphotog! He's watching over you 24 hours a day. He's everywhere! Damn him!

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