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/spam/ ~ Extracting mirrorcreator direct links
File 150952584312.jpg - (2.52KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
519 No. 519
Does anyone know of a tool or website to extract mirrorcreator direct links in one step? We need something like that to easily backup their direct links in case they start taking our files down again. Currently it could be done manually but it's annoying as it takes a few seconds with every upload.
>> No. 520
LOL I do know such a tool but i'm not gonna tell you, faggot. ^_^

talentless prick hahahaha
>> No. 522
Thanks to your inspiration I searched and found a number of "premium link generators" claiming to work with MC but don't like
Now we only need to find one that does. We're very close, thanks G.
>> No. 523
Another "talentless prick" here, unlike the Negative Nancy at >>520 i've started to research what may or may not be possible (at least for GNU/Linux users) via the
utility. Nothing conclusive yet but some promising-looking ideas..
>> No. 524
Oh that's Guyver. He's supposed to be playing the evil guy but every time he tries breaking something it ends up making us stronger, like when he reported the links.

If you'll invest some time in R&D I suggest you postpone mirrorcreator for now and check my updated list of mirror sites on /mir/. They include new services which seem to allow upto 20GB per upload! If they really work it'd be super simple to upload a whole girl's collection with a single click, much better than MC's 400MB limit. All thanks to G of course <3

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