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/spam/ ~ WTF is up with this NS Douche Bag
File 150238629954.jpg - (792.10KB , 1152x1728 , abby-156-001.jpg )
613 No. 613
Is it just me or is this Douche Bag from NewStar a royal prick , Threatening to shut this site and that site down for posting sets of his models causing him to not get rich off the exploiting of his models, are you kidding me ? He sounds like a little hall monitor gonna tell on everyone if we dont do what he wants . Since when did we need his approval to post anything ? Ill post what ever I want it costs him a lot of money to go through the process of shutting chans down and on top of that he has to put himself out as a common pimp wanting the govt to protect his right to exploit little girls online !?! F him in his A ! I'm going to start dropping sets of Abby and Gabrielle around so be looking for em . I got vids too .
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>> No. 667
of course it is "quantity, not quality". to survive in this business, you have to create hundreds of new sets because you cannot stop casual sharing among users. they should just accept it and live with it.
>> No. 668

"As for the NS guy trying to force sharechan to give him free advertising? Why the hell not? It is his work to do with as he sees fit. He is trying to make a living. Nothing wrong with that."

These types of boards aren't free to run. They sell banner space to make money to keep the servers up. This board does it, as does Sharechan. Ned from Tennmodels club used to advertise that way.

Why the hell should Sergei be allowed to dictate to up-loaders that they must post a link back to his sites? No other agency forces people to do that. And it mattered not because the scam artists forced Sharechan to delete all of his agencies links anyway.

Are you Sergei or his fake lawyer? They're the only people who would defend that prat.
>> No. 669

No you don't need to create hundreds of new sets. Fashion Land doesn't deluge the market with their material, yet that have a large dedicated fan base.

And Newstar releases sets of the same model wearing the same damn outfit 4-5 times a year. That's a rip off to customers.
>> No. 670

lol sergei over saturates the market with repetitive crap. he charges by a single model website. he charges more to buy archived sets. he charges even more for the same models posing in the same outfits under the party model label, he charges for poor quality "Unpublished" sets that were previously sold on his scammy clipmonster site, and has a separate set where he charges even more for videos. he will attempt to take down a board for haring 14 year old sets!

he doesn't understand the term "quality", but he will definitely toot his own horn if you give him the forum to do so.
>> No. 671

and he forces you to pay a high monthly fee to download only 1 model, even if half of her sets are boring pictures of her in jean shorts and a t-shirt.
>> No. 672
Well if you don't like the monthly system feel free to buy individual $20 sets at clipmonster smh.
>> No. 673
You guys spread lies and crap just because you cannot get in the sites. Well if you didn't repost them to death they would not have made all this trouble. Sergei was such an ass to ask for a link back to his sites after all the money you make reposting him for years.
If you look at fair use laws a link to the materials original URL is required.
I think the mod needs to get help for his schizoid personality ad stop being his own enemy some days. Your lies are ridiculous and no one believes them. Newstar has had the same billing for many years. You try to say he collects IP addresses for the Government..
You would think he would take all joins if this is so but they turn many away. YOu just want to spread lies. OH and by the way i reported you again to anon and interpol with screen shoysts of your CP posts.
Expect another attack for your lies.

Newstar has beautiful models you describe as hags. Anyone can see your just a bunch of retarded arse holes.

your comment:
he's not letting those who have posted the models in the past join any sites.

What the fuck would he... Such retards.

I could have all you in Great Britain and Canada in jail if i wanted., We know who you are...
>> No. 674
>I could have all you in Great Britain and Canada in jail if i wanted., We know who you are...

Ah, so Newstar/Tinymodel IS a honeypot operation after all, thanks for confirming...
>> No. 675
That's Sir Gay himself, I recognize the rant mode!
>> No. 676

So Gaylord the Jester, you having trouble trying to shut the Triforce down again so you decided to join in on the fun? I wager that tomorrow you'll bash Newstar. You heard it here first...


Screw that. If I'm going to spend $20 per set, I'll just go to Starsessions where you can by a photoset AND video for $20, with Bitcoin. Not only are the models there 100 times prettier, but they're hotter and know how to pose as well.
>> No. 677
I'm with you on Starsessions girls knowing how to pose, but as to being prettier? I think not, they all look like gypsies to me. Really can't compare with the best of the NS girls in terms of looks.
>> No. 678
I'm convinced these paid modeling sites live exclusively off the autistic, retarded, and similarly afflicted. There's no other logical explanation as to why a rational, critical thinking human being would link a personal credit card or home IP to something like Newstar. These are the same people who believe Mariyam (of Candydoll/Silverstar fame) runs Fashionland...who by the way, is now reselling Teenmodelclub's model's for $18 PER set. Meanwhile Teenmodelclub sells access to their entire site (hundreds of sets/videos) for $25. Mind you this is all content that is less exciting and risque than you could find for free in a fashion catalogue/site or surface level Youtube trawling. I wonder what percentage of their disability checks these people dumping into modeling sites.
>> No. 679
File 150620224956.jpg - (27.42KB , 234x200 , hey.jpg )
Welcome back Ned. Haven't seen you for a while.
>> No. 680

What does their ethnicity have to do with anything? So models from the Caucasus region, or any girls with darker features are now considered "gypsies".

>Really can't compare with the best of the NS girls in terms of looks.

If you think ANY of this current crop of Newstar models are pretty, then you have set a real low bar. A few are cute, but for the most part they are unattractive girls far past their sell by date who don't wear near enough make up.
>> No. 681

He does give major kudos to teenmodelclub, but I don't recall Ned ever being that articulate.

>reselling Teenmodelclub's model's for $18 PER set

I think that he meant Teenmodeling dot tv
>> No. 682
File 150636391087.jpg - (273.95KB , 720x1080 , Julia-019-01.jpg )
If you think this girl is 100 times prettier than NS Krissy (for example), then your bar must be set so low you could crawl under a snake wearing a top hat!
As to ethnicity, yes it is important to peoples preferences and many of the Starsession girls do look like Roma gypsies which does not appeal to me though I concede it may appeal to another Roma. Girls from Caucasus are not necessarily gypsies by the way.
>> No. 683

No he does mean Teenmodelclub. Fashionland has started a new category called "Fashion Stars" featuring the same models Teenmodelclub has used. Presumably they're both buying sets from the same agency. I wouldn't say he was giving props to teenmodelclub either, only that their pricing is much better. He did suggest their content is worse than a fashion catalogue or Youtube search. If you've ever read the Fashionland's forums, you'll understand how he reached his other conclusions. A seeming majority of the comments are clearly from people who are not playing with a full deck. They actually believe they are conversing with Mariyam and making donations to their favorite models.
>> No. 684
Julia, the girl pictured, is a performer...
what she may lack in looks (which ain't much) she gains in spirit.
Have you seen Massie's sets and videos? OMG

Nita is as "pretty" as Krissy (if not more so), the camera pans, zooms and pauses at the right times, she shows more skin and much better angles. The pics are up to 6000 pixels now and videos are 4k (for same price as 1080).
The SS product is 10x better than Newstar.
About the same better ratio that the models spend with their backs to the cameras...

If you were ever gonna shell out for model sets - this is the agency. Believe me.

Find one collector you trust and you just cut the cost in half.
>> No. 685

In my opinion, you're legally blind. So argue with yourself, Donald Trump.
>> No. 686

I never brought up his other conclusions, so not sure why you would direct that comment to me. I merely stated that the other guy seemed to be pushing TMC, but came across more articulately than Ned ever has in the past. It was directed at the other anon who said hi to Ned. Hell, I've responded to suspicious posters that way in the past as well. ;)

I agree with you about the sponsors at FL. I can't even stomach reading more than 1 comment there. And as lame as the FL sponsors are, the same can be said about the pathetic NS fan boys as well. If you ever visited Serge's threads at Sharechan before he pulled a tantrum and left that board, you would agree. And look at the spergelords who clog up Vladmodel threads with their James Joyce-like rambling comments. I'm thinking that the only agency that has escaped moronic annoying fans is TPI (WALS).

Even though Ned sucks as a photographer in all aspects of the art, his models are much prettier than the overrated Newstar. Sergei's photographer recruits his new models via the sibling route. He's bragged as much over at Sharechan. That may be an easier way to fart out new models when another one leaves, but not necessarily the best way. I think that we can all agree that regardless of any of their looks, Newstar's "models" are the most uncomfortable in front of a camera. Take away the "risqué" factor and you have boring, unattractive robots.
>> No. 687

Agreed with everything that you posted, and for me that's not a given at any board haha.

I'm patiently waiting to see more than a random image make its way to a board. You can't even start a Starsessions request thread int eh Sharechan. It gets deleted within a few days for some damn reason. Not sure why because they're allowing AMS to be posted there. I doubt that the studio would report a request thread to be deleted either. Just the nazi admin over there pushing his weight around I guess. :/
>> No. 688

Oh yes I saw the threads and I agree. It was not just the NS fans though, Serge himself frequently demonstrated traits of Paranoid Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder, and related mental illnesses.
>> No. 689

Sergei has been that way ever since people started sharing his material long ago on Usenet. He began posting personal info of any purchasers, or their trade buddies who back-stabbed them and shared. He was so proud of himself.

Then he started his battles with Nonudebase (or whatever it was called) and started adding images to sets of his models holding those ridiculous signs. He arrogantly announced that he slew the dragon when he stopped them.

A poster with the nick Lenox24 started sharing big blocks of new sets of his current models a few years ago. He blacklisted someone and the new sets dried up. Sergei again proudly proclaimed he was the lord of the internet.

Then we all know about Sharechan and his history with them. I still see newer sets getting out there at various image gallery boards, but nothing like it was in the past few years.

In his rambling posts over at SC he basically took credit for stopping the world of piracy. Little does the dolt know that people still trade privately in forums. :p
>> No. 690
And the funny thing is, The People Image and Fashion Land have pretty much choked out piracy and they didn't even need to act like an idiot at chan boards.
>> No. 691

>Take away the "risqué" factor and you have boring, unattractive robots.

If you took away the 'risqué' factor from NS girls probably no one would notice you'd taken it away, 'cos there is so little of it in the first place. That is one of the big problems with NS, it promises a whole lot more than it ever delivers.
>> No. 692
File 150642890880.jpg - (382.00KB , 800x1200 , Nita-008-01.jpg )

>Nita is as "pretty" as Krissy (if not more so)

Wow! I think you need a white stick and a guide dog!!
>> No. 693
File 150642896244.jpg - (427.00KB , 1152x1728 , krissy-394-011.jpg )
I know which one I prefer.
>> No. 694
Krissy is one of those models who is great in videos but not so good in photos.
>> No. 695
File 15064402796.jpg - (1.36MB , 3970x1910 , Nita123.jpg )
No problem with my eyes friend. I'm just not cursory in my evaluation of beauty.

Perhaps YOU would prefer anime girls where the girls might measure up to your menial imagination.
>> No. 696
Rather plain, I'm putting you down for the latest 'braille' edition of Windows - you need it!
>> No. 697
File 150644638764.jpg - (1.54MB , 2560x2950 , rj6rje4jje8.jpg )
share starsession stuff, bitches.
>> No. 698

LMAO you have some xenophobic issue with the "Roma gypsies" Starsession girls, but you use one of the most gypsy looking Newstar models as your favorite. You need more than glasses dude, you need a lobotomy.
>> No. 699

None of the Newstar models look "great" in videos. They're either wooden planks or jerky hyper - and that's them dancing. Nothing at all like Pavel's models. Sergei obviously caters to desperate men who will fall for anything that he throws at them.

I really do miss the 2000's... lol
>> No. 700

If you believe that anything that Starsessions releases is plain, then you're the one who needs a braille version of Windoze - or you're Sergei.
>> No. 701

hahahaha i know. it was funny seeing that anon put down eastern european models and then used an eastern european model for an example of what he liked.
>> No. 702
File 15064957185.jpg - (226.38KB , 1080x864 , Kathy-013-04.jpg )
anyone who is in a right state of mind who thinks that any newstar "model" is remotely preferable to this girl is a drooling idiot.
>> No. 703
File 150649607115.jpg - (395.36KB , 720x1080 , Maisie-016-02.jpg )
sorry trump fans, maisie isn't white enough looking for you, so it isn't worth buying her sets. your loss, fools...
>> No. 704
File 150649632346.jpg - (281.71KB , 720x1080 , Elena-018-01.jpg )
too ethnic looking for you? better go fall asleep looking at your newstar sets.
>> No. 705
File 15064967005.jpg - (368.17KB , 720x1080 , Lisa-018-03.jpg )
she's blonde! b... b... but she's wearing skimpy clothing and she's not newstar! :( :( :(
>> No. 706
File 150649704021.jpg - (216.86KB , 798x1200 , DSC_0213.jpg )
listen, i'll be the first to tell you that neither of these agencies hold a candle to some of the ell ess models, but there are still better choices than newstar. fashion girls annie anyone? she probably passes the gypsy hater's "white test". she "white" enough for you?
>> No. 707
Hmmm, maybe I need to invest in some Star Sessions sets. ^_^
>> No. 708

Just out of curiosity... has anyone seen **any** Star Sessions material posted. Anywhere? I haven't. I've seen a couple of what appear to be non sample original sized images (over 3 MB size) posted at SC awhile back. But otherwise have only seen samples from the website.

>>8490 posted a video thumbs image which doesn't lok anything like what they post on their website. Can I ask where you got that from? Was it a posted video? Would love to see something shared from that studio. It's like Silver Moon with sexy poses lol. ;)
>> No. 709
post sets
>> No. 710
Buy sets
>> No. 711
File 150654992640.jpg - (40.44KB , 656x100 , bg3g8.jpg )
>> No. 712
File 150655093020.jpg - (2.44KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
>> No. 713

The hypocrisy in Sergei's post >>8436 was over the top.
>> No. 1772
why cant you ban salefiles hit free download over 20 times and get redirected back to same page and if try enter code the redirects just continue
>> No. 1857
File 153499585659.jpg - (20.57KB , 377x250 , 6536_jealous.jpg )
I love it when grammar and English Nazis post criticizing another and make mistakes themselves:

"""but came across more articulately than Ned ever has in the past"""

More articulately? My 3rd grade English teacher would whack your wrist, you moron.

The rest of your post reeks of jealousy. In fact, you're been obsessed with Ned a long time and constantly critical for no good reason other than jealousy.

Can't say as I blame you, the guy travels the world making a living photographing preteen girls and teen girls. Whatever he's doing, he must be doing it right as he's been in business now for about four years.

It's ok to be jealous, just don't be so obvious. Another thing, when you criticize a poster's use of grammar or English, make sure you don't put your foot in your mouth.
>> No. 1974
File 153766498920.jpg - (341.35KB , 1600x1356 , aaa.jpg )
i saw a pussy once!

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