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Let your imagination soar
File 15161204975.jpg - (26.77KB , 726x252 , triforce languages.jpg )
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While a small majority of our visitors' mother tongue is English we are as international a community as it gets, and sometimes one cannot fully express himself in a foreign language.

I'd therefore like to welcome any Deutsch, Español, Français, Pу́сский, Português, Italiano, Nihongo, Nederlands, Polszczyzna, Svenska, čeština, Magyar, Norsk, Suomi, Roumanian, Slobæk, or Hànyǔ authors to publish in their own language in /story/ if they are fine with limiting their audience.

Also don't forget that just like posting in /mir/ doesn't require you be the photographer, posting in /story/ doesn't require you to be the author. So feel free to share good spoils whether written by you or found online.

Update: Now you can upload PDF & DOC & RTF & TXT files to /story/

>> No. 2
This is a great move, and I have quite a few stories from various authors, as well as a few of my own.

How should we handle 'original authors?' Some of my stories have the authors name. I am reluctant to post that because of privacy issues.

But then again, credit where credit is due.

My gut feeling is to leave off the authors name and put either initials or anonymous.

Anyone have thoughts about this?


>> No. 3
Also, what should the posting format be? Link to a text file, RAR, PDF?

Perhaps, a paragraph in the message field, then full text in TXT, RTF, or PDF format would be better than posting the entire story in the message field. That would be a PITA to try and browse.


>> No. 27
File 151646219048.jpg - (11.93KB , 289x199 , 2steps.jpg )
If you want to upload both an image and a story file (because say the story is too big for the text field) you can either upload the file to an external host or simply create the first post with the image attached and then make a reply with the attached story file.
>> No. 51
File 151688922729.jpg - (209.20KB , 1200x1600 , P3120064.jpg )
For Triforcers with vivid imagination we have applied a large chatbox at /story/ for roleplaying. If you guys find it too intrusive or we found very few people playing we'll remove it.

Update: Fantasy lovers can also roleplay in normal threads. It would be akin to writing a story together, one post at a time. It may not even be necessarily for the same people starting the story to be the ones ending it!

File 154287699177.jpg - (212.10KB , 849x1000 , image.jpg )
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This cutie has cough my attention. She's about 11 with a nice round butt. Sometimes she walks o ride her bike to the store. So far I just smile at her or say hi n bye or have a small conversation. She is pretty but her ass it what I really like for being 11. Especially when she wears short shorts I can't get my eyes off when I see her walking n she once cough me checking her out but I turn away or we just smile. Sometime I think she want attention because her boobs are poppin out maybe a few hair on her pussy plus her ass. (Who knows she might get horny when guys check her out thinking shes grown women). I'll try my best to break the ice talk to her some more n make her a secret gf.
I just have a pic but I'll try to get more o record her when she's walking around.
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>> No. 367
File 154717141235.jpg - (25.44KB , 220x510 , image.jpg )
>> No. 368
File 154717283572.jpg - (26.53KB , 258x458 , image.jpg )
>> No. 369
File 154717286259.jpg - (93.88KB , 640x1136 , image.jpg )
>> No. 393
Few pics of this cutie. Soon she'll be my gf. To teach her about sex and eat her tight pussy.
>> No. 397
Don't go around openly photographing little girls.

File acunetix.txt - (0B )
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File 152114635670.jpg - (128.90KB , 800x758 , Beth L.jpg )
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"Spread your Barbie dolls out on the sand and play with them," Cathy
told her baby sister as the 16-year-old blonde took off on a lope
across the beach. "I'll be back later!"
>> No. 197
File Little_Beth's_Boyfriends.txt - (200.24KB , Little Beth's Boyfriends.txt )
>> No. 324
i love uou
>> No. 395
File 154966936473.jpg - (365.68KB , 1280x960 , 152645960591.jpg )
девочька даёт свою писю всем

File 153380687859.jpg - (54.53KB , 854x955 , IMG_20170604_045246_1.jpg )
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My daughter was a late bloomer. At 12 there wasnt a hint of puberty in her yet bbut her friends were all a twitter about boys and sex . Naturally this made my babyy very frustrated since boys ignored her and chassed the girls with boobs.

Anyhow it was a hot summer and as usual. My slut wife was out fucking some niggeras per usual on Friday and Saturday nights. Being that I was utterly uninterested in her any longer I encouraged this. Whither her gone, my girl developed the habit of climbing in with me after her bath and I didn't discourage her. I loved having her wet and naked body against me. I was starting to have issues with erections during this though. One night she was asking where mom was and rather than lie. I told her the truth... she was in bed with a black man getting fucked like a total pig and loving it. Well this sparked a whole plethera of questions one of which was why both have sex with me? And I explained I was attracted to young ladies only. And then is black penis better. I told get no, it is a taboo fetish for white women to fuck niggers,  just like if her and I fucked it would be ... INCEST!  She blurts out, I said yes and how do you know about it... she told me her BFF is fucked every night by her older brother but she likes it.

I said I bet you're wishing you had an older brother too. And she said not if I will have sex with her.

I was shocked and totally turned on and she knew it since my 7" dick was firmly lodged in the crack of her baby girl butt and I was fingerings her pussy at her wish since when I was expliaining   how mom was being fucked she grabbed my hand and beganrubbing it on her virgin hole. Well I was about to blow so I slipped just the head of my cock into her pussy and blasted her full of daddy cum. When I finished I started a gentle and rhythmic series of thrusts until I was knocking on her hymen. I just kept up the action until she began cumming and thrust through her cherry. . I fucked her all night every chance I got over the following 6 years and several of her girlfriends too. I watched her seduce my bestfriend are my request one night and to tremendous joy watching him try not to respond in my presence. H
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>> No. 330
File 153607556166.jpg - (59.67KB , 480x853 , FB_IMG_1536049612114.jpg )
Shelby 12yr cousin janaha
>> No. 350
Post contact, I'll do it if they're near
>> No. 352
Look up Elizabeth belli and you'll her she's also on musically and tictok
>> No. 360
I'm going to need more info, like state etc
>> No. 391
send me pic

File 154771126744.jpg - (269.20KB , 1600x1200 , Alina_11yo_s079-087 copy 2.jpg )
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I want to share a story that I've been working on for a very long time. It is not a short, sex story, but a novel. So far, I am only 30% finished with it, but I have hundreds of pages so far... If you are looking for a quick jack-off story, this probably isn't for you. It is about how a 40yo man ends up meeting a 13yo girl, and falling in love. Again, this is a big story, and I'm writing it ONLY for my own entertainment. I decided to share it here, because I though that others might find it entertaining as well.
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>> No. 385
“Whoa,” She couldn’t hide her disappointment as she said, “That’s a lot of money, I can’t afford that!”

I winked at her and retorted, “Your first drone, is on the house.”

She gave me the most precious smile, jumped up and gave me a warm hug. I was taken aback, but the feeling of her tiny arms around my chest, filled me with joy. It was the most affection anyone had shown me, in a very, very, long time. Awkwardly yet affectionately, I wrapped my arms around her, as well.

“Thank you Cristo, that is very sweet of you. I can’t wait to get started.” She was grateful and sincere. She was a gracious young lady, and her smile melted my heart. I was enjoying the time we were spending together, it was relaxing and soothing, and kept my mind off of my own problems. Her melancholy demeanor had thawed, and I found her to be quite charming, … she was funny and playful, extremely smart, polite, sweet, and I enjoyed her company.

We sat down at the drafting table and got to work. Even though I am very skilled at Cad, I still prefer to sketch my initial designs out on paper. It was refreshing for me to have a user-defined project, to play around with, just for the fun of it, and, to have someone as eager and enthusiastic as Bella, as my client. She was full of energy as we brainstormed her drone to life. For an impetuous girl, that earlier was eager to just start building an unknown something, she was excited to design and plan her own personal aircraft.

She stood behind me watching as I was drawing up some ideas… Then, I smelled the unforgettable, odor of weed. She lit a joint! I resisted the urge to spin around and instantly tell her to put it away. I knew that she was a troubled teen, and she was reaching out to me, and I wanted to help her. I didn’t want to ruin that, by reverting back to the intolerant curmudgeon, that shooed her away! … Baby-steps, … I decided to ignore it, and continued drafting, … but my mind started to wander.

I fondly remembered getting high back in my school days, but hadn’t done so, in many years. As a high school kid, I used to get high routinely, in fact, m
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 386
File 154771654036.jpg - (348.43KB , 1936x1288 , 1366192_Alina-11yo_s059-058 copy.jpg )
Bella sat next to me on the couch, and leaned against me, as we stared at the laptop screen. I wanted to show her a few YouTube channels that showcased some of the amazing things people were doing with drones, both fixed wing and multi-rotors. I showed her some of the amazing, ready-to-fly drones, as well as some kits that were customizable with a broad array of capabilities. She was fascinated with first person view (FPV) flying, and aerial video. So, I showed her some amazing FPV stuff on YouTube. The FPV community is one of the fastest growing areas of drone technology, a fact that would normally be celebrated by Darpa and the DOD. But drone capabilities were advancing so rapidly, in the private sector, that the DOD and the FAA were clearly worried about them becoming a potential threat to National Security, … The slow turning cogs of bureaucracy were struggling to keep pace!

Bella wanted her drone to be able to follow her from a stand-off distance, acting as her guardian angel. If trouble were to arise, she could monitor herself from a birds-eye view, and with the push of a button, the drone would automatically start video recording, tracking her, and sending her GPS coordinates to the police. It was a brilliant idea! … And not beyond our ability to build, In fact, the blackwing, already had similar capabilities, along with a few other that are not strictly legal. As a beginner, Bella could probably manage much of the work herself, … She would probably need my help programing the flight control system and hardware integration, but the rest of it was pretty straight forward.

I stood up from the bench and moved to a more comfortable chair. Bella laid back on the sofa, smiling at me, watching me, as my hands skipped from the keyboard to my notes and sketches. I glanced up and saw a gleam in her eyes, as she watched me, in admiration. Her gaze made me nervous. She looked so beautiful laying there, I was too stoned to hold her eyes. This girl made me bashful, so I went back to my notes.

I could feel her eyes were still on me, and in the awkward silence, I blurted out, “I love your name, … Bella. It means ‘beautiful’, in Italian.” … I
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 387
File 154771694892.jpg - (303.19KB , 1152x1728 , 1366192_Alina-11yo_s063-009 copy.jpg )
She rose from the couch, stretched, and watched me curiously, as I ferreted out some useful stuff; old flight controls from previous projects, servos, motors, sensors, etc. She was compelled to touch and examine everything I pulled out of the bins. I would order ‘new’ components for her drone, but for now we could get a lot of prototyping done, with a spare flight controller, and parts, I already had on hand.

She was engaged and wanted to learn everything. I put her at the bench with a couple of circuit boards and some wire and showed her how to solder, and use a multi-meter. We were both lost in ‘play’. We chatted and played at the workbench, for what seemed like only minutes, but it was already late afternoon and the sun was getting low.

“I should probably get going,” Bella said, seemingly out of nowhere!

“Um, … okay,” I was caught by surprise and blurted. “Uh, when will you be back.”

She shrugged, “I don’t know”.

I tried to hide my disappointment, “I really enjoyed having you here. I had a lot of fun today, … you are welcome here, anytime!”

I felt like a nervous teenager, on a first date, … not wanting our time together, to end. … yet, too bashful to ask to see her again. The abruptness of her departure, caught me by surprise, I don’t know why, it was almost sunset, which is probably a proper time for a young girl to be getting home. Even still, I felt an underlying insecurity, as if perhaps, I had done something wrong. ‘HEY, you’re stoned,’ I thought to myself, ‘she will be back… if for no other reason, than to work on her drone… or, … maybe she was just humoring me. … No, she was far too engaged to be faking it.’

Bella’s eyes were sincere, even longing, as she told me, “I had a great time. You are a very, very sweet man. Thank you for being so nice to me!”
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>> No. 389
File 154794218982.jpg - (221.82KB , 1200x1600 , 1366192_Alina-12yo_s102-014 copy.jpg )
I sat the three boxes in front of her, Bella was shocked. She confessed, “Oh no! Cristo, why did you get me presents? … I thought you told me you weren’t really ‘into’ Christmas!”

“I just wanted to get you a couple of things, so that you would have something to open, here, with me. …,… Well, go ahead, open ‘em up!”

Her expression turned to sadness and guilt, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t get you anything.”

I smiled and reassured her, “Oh honey, I don’t want you to get me anything! … ‘Please’ open them, I hope you like what I got you.”

I sat one small box aside to be opened last. Bella smiled and eagerly tore in to the first box. She was stunned, her jaw hung open, and she gasped, “Oh God, … Cristo, that is way too much! I can’t accept this!” She was staring at a box, containing a new pair of FPV goggles.

“I hope you like it.” I felt kind of ‘nerdy’ as I explained. “I will configure them for you, and, set them up, the way ‘you’ like.”

Bella was speechless. She looked at me and said, “God, Thank you, so much! I, … I, can’t believe you would get me something this, ‘nice’! These are FatShark HD’s! Why did you get me something like this!”

“Because, you are my friend, ‘and! … you deserve it! I’m just glad you like it.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 390
File 154794242720.jpg - (192.78KB , 1200x1600 , 1366192_ALINA-13yo_s156_042 copy.jpg )
There’s a Bella in My Garage

BellaDay: 75 (Jan 14)
I woke up early, went downstairs, brewed some coffee, and made myself an omelette. After my morning ritual, I was eager to get back to my workshop. I wanted to go over Bella’s project and have our workstation ready before she arrived. I grabbed a second cup of coffee, and made my way to the garage. It was still lightly raining but nothing like the torrential downpour during the night. I usually left the back door to my garage unlocked, and this morning I was glad for it. I didn’t have to struggle with a key in the rain. I opened the back door and mashed the button. The big double-car garage door groaned to life, and light came pouring in, chasing away the darkness inside.

A lump of blankets on the sofa sprang to life, in front of me. It scared the ‘crap’ out of me. Before I could react, Bella’s face popped out, … Our eyes connected in a mutual state of shock.

I barked, “Holy Shit!, What are you doing here!”

She was broken, frazzled, and in tears, “I’m so, sorry Cristo, I didn’t know what to do, … I had nowhere else to go!”

“Oh my God sweetheart, are you okay? … What happened!” I was trying to make sense of this unanticipated scenario.

She crawled out from under the blankets, and came to me for a hug. She clung to me for dear life, wearing only her damp panties, and camisole top. Her wet clothes, were draped across a saw horse, drying out. “Please, don’t be mad at me. I didn’t want to bother you, but I needed to get out of the rain, and well, … I didn’t know where else to go, … so, I ran here and…”

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 15429963549.jpg - (160.13KB , 640x400 , MV5BNWUxMTNkYWEtNDU2NS00ODZmLThlNzctMzk1YWFjY2RmNm.jpg )
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I'm not sure where to post this . If this isn't the right place , I apologize in advance.

The reason why I am posting is because oiI am interested in getting some opinions about a new file project that I am wanting to do .I chose Chan as a platform because we are all aware of the content of this site and it seemed to be the best place to approach this subject.
This film project is a full length feature about a 6 year old girl named Emily Darling and her misadventures of sexual exploitation.
This film isn't clips of porn ,amature webcam shots . This film will be 120 min . It has a fully developed plot , subplot and developed characters (not an amature porn movie from California ).
I can't film it where I am so I am looking for location ideas, casting , and production ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've seen movies of home video go for $200- $300 . I am more then confident that after completion it could sell for at least twice that a copy . I also have other completed scripts for this series as well as developing scripts for a new series. Thank you.


>> No. 370
please tell us of your other get-rich-quick schemes

File Vicky2.txt - (241.01KB )
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>> No. 349
Nice story, surely need to be continued
>> No. 363

It has 8 parts all in there!

File Alex's_Initiation.doc - (36.50KB , Alex's Initiation.doc )
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File 153532543690.png - (2.81MB , 1200x1800 , VIP_EvaR10_005.png )
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Sorry about my bad english.
I made this pic of Eva from Candydoll, I want to make a story about her, the goop on her makes her sexually active.

Any suggestions, I would like to hear it.

File 152108252748.jpg - (84.27KB , 800x800 , Sorena 005_1.jpg )
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Serena's Addiction
by Darius Raedan

Jason was just about to fall asleep when Serena started doing it again. The rickety bunk bed was trembling very slightly, but the now-familiar rhythm woke him up. His eyes popped open. Above him was the bottom of Serena’s bunk, a bony leg and a little foot hanging off the edge. The toes were curling and uncurling tensely.

Jason sighed in deep exasperation. “Serena, cut it out, okay? Go to sleep, we got school in the morning.”

The trembling instantly stopped. “Sorry,” gulped a tiny voice from the bunk above, breathless. And then some rustling and shuffling of fabric.

Jason glanced at the clock. It was just after 2 am. He sighed and tried to get some sleep, but couldn’t help but wonder how long things would have to be this way.

It was only a few weeks ago that Serena got dumped on him, but it had felt like forever. Jason’s family situation was less than ideal, born into basically trailer trash that let meth make them all even trashier and eventually dead. He was moved from relative to relative until the roulette stopped at his distant aunt and uncle several towns over. They lived in a dilapidated double-wide when they weren’t on the road driving a tractor-trailer all over the country for months on end.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 191

The “talk” turned out to not be anywhere as bad as Jason was expecting. Largely because Serena was surprisingly knowledgeable about the human body, as it turned out, thanks to the internet and what was clearly an unfathomable volume of hardcore pornography she had been exposed to pretty much all her life, going as far back as she could remember.

So the talk quickly shifted to how she should, to put it delicately, “take care of herself.” Jason explained privacy and prudence, how to not get caught doing it, and why it was a bad idea to do it in various places like in school, or in public, when people are around - general common-sense stuff. She was, after all, only eight, and you didn’t really need to know this stuff that early on.

They talked late into the night.

“So, you mean… other girls do it too?” Serena asked thoughtfully as they both sat on his bed together. “Like, little girls like me?”

“Well, I mean… not really. I mean basically everyone does it,” Jason struggled, “but usually they start a little later than your age, I guess. I dunno, I’m not an expert. But there’s nothing wrong--” Jason stopped, realizing he was speaking just loud enough to be heard, so he lowered his voice to a hush and continued. He doubted Aunt Irma would hear or care, but he didn’t want to take the risk she’d use this as an excuse to flip out again, either. “There’s nothing wrong with it.”

“And like… everyone does it?” Serena asked softly.

“Well, yeah, pretty much.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 192
Jason couldn’t believe just how much this little girl would masturbate. Hours and hours on end on some nights. Other nights, she’d keep waking up and play with herself, fall asleep and wake up again shortly afterwards and do it all over again.

But even this was preferable to what would happen when she did finally fall asleep. At least once a week, she would have horrific nightmares that would wake her up, and then she’d hug her pillow, weeping silently. No doubt her father wasn’t happy with her crying audibly, Jason thought unhappily.

One particularly rough night, when her bad dreams woke up both of them for the third time, Jason suggested she sleep with him in his bunk. He figured that perhaps being high up there and all cold and alone wasn’t helping. At any rate it was worth a shot - finals were around the corner and Jason needed the sleep.

Once they were under the blankets, Serena between him and the wall to their left, she quickly turned over and wrapped her arms around him, resting her head on his chest, curling her skinny little legs snug around his left thigh.

“You comfortable?" Jason whispered, already dreading how much she was going to squirm and fidget and keep him awake, when he realized she had almost instantly fallen fast asleep, her body limp and relaxed for once.

Jason lay awake for a very long time, trying to figure out what was going on in his heart.

to be contd.
>> No. 323
>> No. 326
yes, please continue
>> No. 336

Sorry bout the long delay. I totally lost this story (and the Kissing Tree one). But I'll be picking up the writing shortly :D

File Alyssa's_Lesbian_Rape.doc - (33.00KB , Alyssa's Lesbian Rape.doc )
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>> No. 33
File Can_I_Rape_Your_Daughter.doc - (42.50KB , Can I Rape Your Daughter.doc )
>> No. 34
File Like_Father_Like_Son.doc - (101.50KB , Like Father Like Son.doc )
>> No. 320
Yes plz she's 11yr her name is Shelby there's a pic of her on the black girl tread
>> No. 331
File 153607610378.jpg - (42.51KB , 480x480 , FB_IMG_1536049566759.jpg )
13yr neice janaha
>> No. 344
Stephanie tressca is her Moms fb

File 152108159691.jpg - (71.94KB , 800x489 , katy-dreams-set22-41 b.jpg )
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"Letters from the Kissing Tree"
by Darius Raedan


So, how’s college and stuff? Bet you’re super busy and all. It’s so quiet around here without you. Though it’s so nice to have the room all to myself now, ha ha.

Can you believe it’s already been two years since your Dad married my Mom? Crazy, right? Mom couldn’t believe I wanted to write you an actual letter, she was all like, “remember how you two hated each other at first? And now look, we’re totally a complete family now” and all that. Like that’s true but it’s so much more than that, which our parents could never imagine.

But yeah, I miss you a lot.

Remember that little field on the way to school? I’ll never forget how scared I was the day you caught me here. I had been skipping school so much, and you decided to be all big brother and find out what I was up to. I still don’t know why you bothered. I mean, our parents only got married like a month before that, we didn’t know each other at all really. So I figured you were just gonna tell on me.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 193
Like, I never would have expected what happened next.


You were so sweet, telling me not to cry, promising you won’t tell on me. I was shaking, I was so scared, so ashamed.

And then you wiped away my tears, sat me down, and we had that long talk about how it’s perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of and all that… I mean, I was totally not expecting that, you know?

The next morning, I was so confused when you took me back here instead of walking me to school.

And then you sat me down and explained to me that I was a healthy, growing girl and I needed to take care of my body every day. And so did you. And we couldn’t really do that at home. We were sharing a room and it didn’t even have a door yet, they were still fixing it up, remember? It sucked.

So we made a deal: we’d come here together and do it here, together. And it would be safer for me, too, coz you were right there sitting on the other side of that big tree so we couldn’t see each other. But we both knew what we were doing. Sometimes we could just about hear each other breathing while we took care of ourselves, sitting there, our backs to the tree, the tree between us.

You were so quiet, though. On really still days when there was no breeze or rusting of trees and grass and all that, I could just about hear you breathing softly. You always made that soft choking sigh when you’d finally, you know, let it all out. If I was really lucky you’d have one of your dirty magazines with you, and I’d get to hear that wet pitter-patter of you spilling out onto the lucky centerfold girl. It always sounded so intense and so… heavy.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 301
>>187 is this real?
>> No. 303
I really like to have that pic uncensored.
>> No. 305
>> No. 335
File 153626956659.jpg - (553.42KB , 2850x1900 , katy-dreams-set22-41.jpg )

No, it's just a quick Photoshop edit. Just a color shift for the top and mosaic. This is the original.

Also, sorry about not updating for so long, will continue writing the story shortly. Glad you all like! Feedback is welcome :D

File 153567939491.jpg - (67.92KB , 1024x768 , P1010041.jpg )
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a los 19 años y justo antes de mudarse de ciudad para iniciar en la universidad, Ignacio tuvo su primera experiencia sexual; en el sofá experimentó la indescriptible sensación que se obtiene al eyacular dentro de una vagina, su cuerpo se estremeció en un intenso orgasmo cuando mirando fijamente a los ojos a su hermanita de 8 años vaciaba todo su semen dentro de ella. Durante 6 semanas tuvo encuentros furtivos con la nenita, la hizo suya casi a diario hasta que llegó el momento de partir.

Ya instalado en casa de una tía, a diario pensaba en los gratos momentos que había tenido, en su mente revivía el desnudo cuerpo de su infantil amante, la extrañaba, la deseaba, las ganas acumuladas le hicieron darse cuenta que más allá de la relación incesutosa, descubrió sentir atracción sexual por las niñas en general. En la biblioteca de la universidad buscaba textos que lo ayudaran a comprender ese particular gusto, en el proceso descubre que su verdadera pasión es la psicología y se cambia de carrera.

Vivía con la tía quien tenía una hija de 6 años, Julia, una hermosa morena que no sólo terminó siendo su segunda amante, también le ayudó a comprender la psicología de las niñas. Al principio no creía poder repetir la misma suerte que tuvo con su hermanita, pero luego de casi un año comenzó a lograr aproximarse a su primita que ya tenía 7; comenzó con juegos sutiles, le enseñó a besar y pacientemente la fue manejando hasta que a los 10 años volvió a estremecerse casi hasta desmayarse al eyacular dentro de la infantil vaginita de su prima.

durante los años de universidad su primita fue la vía para conocer los más intensos placeres y en vacaciones era el turno de encontrarse con su primer amor, su hermosa hermana menor.
Ya cuando se gradúa de psicólogo, a sus 26 años era un experto en psicología infantil y decide hacer un post grado en esa especialidad.

Obtiene una beca para estudiar en otro país y lo primero que hace es alquilar una habitación en casa de una viuda que vivía con sus 3 hijas y un hermano.

File 151657466650.jpg - (751.69KB , 692x1424 , silva.jpg )
37 No. 37 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This is an original true story, its only been posted once before on a chan...I hope everyone enjoys it, and please forgive the punctuation and English, i am not by any means an English major.This will be submitted in parts because its too long otherwise.

So after retiring from a decent job in the US, I decided to travel for a bit, I visited a lot of different countries, mostly in the Asian side of the world, and was having a great time, the girls were fun the sun was warm and price of things was affordable. In the end I settled on a retirement condo in the Philippines. While there met a lot of other retired guys from various countries and got into a kind of regular group of about 10, all of us were single, divorced or separated so evenings were spent at a club, girl watching or dining out or out on the golf course, hitting the strip clubs which are really good, most of the guys had girl friends, no one was interested in getting married all of us having tried that before, although marrying a Filipina gave you a bunch of advantages. All of us had younger girl friends, in the 20’s or early 30’s which is the norm here, women love foreign men so all was good., or we would just pick up some hottie at the club for the night.

Around the 2nd year I started hanging out with this Filipina woman, she was 35 and had a small daughter who was 10. They were both pretty, she worked as a sales lady in a mall and her daughter went to grade school, and although I had never ever had a desire for teen or pre-teen girls this one was alluring, pretty, nice little body, and large round tits, amazing to see on such a small girl. Now I say large but really probably only the size of a big apple, but they looked large on her because she was 4’ and slim, maybe 70 lbs. some days she would come over with her mother and play in the yard with my dog, or tag along with me when I went riding on the motorbike, she took to calling me uncle; Around the house she never had to be told to do stuff, she would wash dishes, put clothes to be washed in the basin, sweep the floors and help her mother make meals. Or go outside and play with the neighborhood children. We never had to discipline her, she did not like to be swea
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 290
Thanks for fulfilling my request, but no HC? (At the age of 10 of course). Looking forward for it.
>> No. 291
Thank you for generousity, but no HC stuff? Of course when she was 10, vids maybe? Sorry if I'm asking too much. Pardon my english.
>> No. 292
File 152948236910.jpg - (38.79KB , 333x800 , 21595268LLJ.jpg )
lol.. not happening .. i like my life in a foreign country, dont plan on perusing the local jails as well.... but here is one on her way to work
>> No. 293
I understand and respect your decision not sharing any "further" photos of her. Ciao
>> No. 321
> Nothing has changed other than that now she is my whore wife and I could not be happier.

You sound like a real piece of shit, hope you get ganked.

File 152108298445.jpg - (23.32KB , 480x810 , 23131818_517969315230467_953207071600953980_n.jpg )
194 No. 194 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
She is my neighbor, she is 13 years old and I want her intensely. I have masturbated looking at her secretly from my window, I dream that I kiss her whole body and make her feel rich orgasms kissing her infant vagina. I'm crazy about her.
>> No. 195
File 152108306231.jpg - (63.99KB , 960x960 , 16508454_389175581443175_6816256751767511899_n.jpg )
>> No. 318
File 153436128939.jpg - (15.72KB , 320x240 , 320x240_4.jpg )
>> No. 319
File 153436185183.jpg - (33.62KB , 250x330 , 7.jpg )

File 153374739448.jpg - (68.51KB , 640x800 , 37834820_301595653748645_3653502887981481984_n.jpg )
307 No. 307 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
She just caught my eye, when she moved in next door with her great grandmother, maybe it was that smile or hell maybe it was the way she looked in those shorts and top. I mean ten years old and looking like that.

File 153279269512.jpg - (177.25KB , 933x698 , 1t1h5q.jpg )
306 No. 306 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
My neice needs to go pee.

Mandy was a cute 10 year old and my neice. To her, I was Uncle John. She had straight dirty blonde hair, combed straight down to her shoulders with bangs that went across her brow. Brown eyes, tiny pink lips, a slim and petite frame. She was tan from the summer sun and her legs were something to admire.

I've come to notice Mandy since she had turned 6. I couldn't help watching her running around in her white satin panties first thing in the morning. The form fitting satin showed outlines and shadows of objects underneath that were distracting. Mid morning she wore a 2 piece bathing suit that, when wet, showed the same contours I had focused on earlier.

We were on a road trip to Disney world resort. We took the caravan which my wife and I took turns driving. It was a 15 hour trip. My two children were strapped in car seats. And sitting in between was Mandy. I took refuge in the very back of the van where I had a sleeping bag and could stretch out when we shifted driving responsibility. There was quite a bit of white noise in the back which made it easy to fall asleep...as well as mask any sounds I made while masturbating. We had made this trip a few times now so the routine was familiar.

It was about 9:30pm when we stopped to get gas and take a bathroom break. The kids were much more interested in soda and snacks and one of us would broadcast reminders to visit the bathroom before we go. We gathered our bounty and got seated in the van. It was my wife's turn to drive. I looked forward to a cat nap followed by stroking myself. For that, I would focus on Mandy for a few minutes...studying her prepubescent body...those sexy tanned legs; images to be used for the stroking session later. However, I noticed Mandy acting a bit in distress. Something seemed to be wrong. She turned her head and caught my eye. She abruptly got up and out of her seat and proceeded to the back where I was laying.

"Uncle John, I forgot to go potty at the store. I really have to pee bad. Aunt Terri will be mad if I make her pull over."

Well, ain't that the truth. My wife was obsessive about maintaining schedu
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 308
So fake

File 151628740038.jpg - (748.21KB , 3154x2102 , oceane-dreams-set14-26.jpg )
22 No. 22 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Here is the links to a couple of stories I have written that are suitable for this forum.

I have written many other sex stories but they all involve 18+. So here are the two that feature younger girls enjoy.


5 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 47
I'm sorry I didn't realize I did something wrong.


>> No. 64
Wow - I loved these stories. I've always wanted to read very graphic depictions of my favorite models. I LOVED the part with Ultra :)
>> No. 89
File Lust_in_the_backseat.pdf - (251.18KB , Lust in the backseat.pdf )
Here is another one I wrote. This is not about Oceane. This might be a little different than one might expect for this site but it still involves underage sex.

Some may also recognize the theme in the story. I can tell you unequivocally that I am in fact the other of many such stories posted on other sites so I feel confident in posting this story.

On the other sites they do not allow underage sex so I am merely stretching the boundaries here. Thank you
>> No. 116
Please continue,this oceane-ultra stories really got me to the limit!
please tell me you are making new stories!
>> No. 302
pls more stories with ultra model slut and still involve dany dreams with her fat fucking ass!!

File 151680652942.jpg - (129.02KB , 1023x737 , poster.jpg )
49 No. 49 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Estaba dibujando círculos con la cola. De repente exhaló con fuerza el aire que había aspirado y con voz deliciosamente ahogada, dijo - Ay, profe, ¡me haces igual que mi papá…! contra todo pronóstico, en medio del frenesí, había una o dos neuronas en mí que podían razonar, porque recuerdo haber pensado “con razón es tan dócil” y “no culpo al man, no lo culpo”.


Tengo once cuentos. Comparto los 7 mejores y los dejo en paz.

>> No. 299
muy erudito el autor.
>> No. 300
muy buena historia

File 153108140593.jpg - (95.99KB , 1019x511 , 2016-04-19-Ryanair.jpg )
298 No. 298 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
When I was 21 I was sort of seeing this girl. She was 14, very petit, ginger hair, and quite pale. But she was very goood looking and had beautifull eyes.She was from a broken home,3 sisters with different fathers and none of them had hung around long.Her mum was around in the day, but worked 5 nights a week.She was very mature in a lot of ways and great with her young sister, so she was left in charge at night. (She is now 18 and has a baby of her own)We got introduced as i knew her older sister who had moved away for work, we got talking at a party, and then started messaging each other butnothing serious. just jokes and such.One night we where talking and things just took a turn. She got to dirty real quickly and told me about the night i drove her home, how she really had trouble not telling me to park up and jump on me.Of course, i couldnt resist. We started meetingfrequently, i would park down the road, and at 8pm, i would see her mother leave for work. I dont know if she had been messed with when younger or something, but she knew her way around a man.
The first time I walked in, we kissed and cuddled, i felt her breasts and we took our tops off. i eased her out of her bra and just could not stop staring at her lovely, small breasts. Very nice, pert pointy buds with small nipples.
I sucked them for a minute, until she told me she had shaved for me. She is one of the most forward, outgoing girls i have ever met. She just pulled down her tight leggings and showed all. I fingered her while kissing, but she wouldnt let me eat her out at first.
The first time she tried to get on my cock was very hard, she was so tight, it must of hurt her as my dick was hurting. She got off, sucked it a bit more and spat on it and eventually eased herself on to it.For the first few times we met, i left everything to her, i wanted her calling the shots.She must have been watching some serious porn though because she seemed to know an awful lot.We where talking about some different things we would like to try, and i told her i liked watersports.She knew exactly what i meant, and said cool we can try that out.
One thing she didnt know about until i did it to her was she loved to get rimmed.She
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 153084835570.jpg - (81.57KB , 512x804 , 14102476_1171398322920751_493603723466837738_n.jpg )
297 No. 297 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File _TRACI_FULL.txt - (371.76KB , _TRACI FULL.txt )
11 No. 11 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Most of the stories I will be posting were downloaded around 2005-2008, I have included the original authors name and first two paragraphs. This is one of my favorites, so I thought I'd share it first:

Junior High Neighborhood Sluts

by James Wellington

My marriage came to a crashing halt the afternoon my wife came home
from work early and found me fucking our fifteen-year-old baby-sitter.
We'd been married just out of high school and had two kids right away.
After the second baby was born we both agreed that should be the end
of the children and I went to the doctor for "the operation." Having a
vasectomy didn't bother me at all. In fact, I saw it as an opportunity
to pursue my secret interest in young girls without either me or them
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 12
Okay, my post didn't link to the zipfile I had so lets try it this way


No Pass!


>> No. 14
God I love this story. One of my favorites. Can I post a link to free stories online? I have many links.
And if someone hasn't posted Lil Beth's new friends, they should. lol


>> No. 20
File 151623225366.jpg - (693.21KB , 800x1200 , Young-Girl-Reading_Dasha-Riley_60x39cm_digital-pri.jpg )

I don't mind. These stories are reposts anyway. I got them from xnxx years ago, when they allowed taboo topics. There were thousands of stories there, I D/L'd the ones I liked. If I decide to share anything I wrote, I would consider it public domain if I post it.
>> No. 29
Did you get any of The Vicky Stories from Xnxx? I lost them and now they are gone from the site

File brian_pt1.txt - (44.58KB , brian pt1.txt )
295 No. 295 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
A story of my own making, hope you enjoy it.

File 151862892381.jpg - (56.54KB , 640x920 , jb.jpg )
107 No. 107 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
These stories have been floating around for more than 20 years - back to the dawn of the Web. And, maybe longer than that.

There are three and they are long, multipart stories about a man's sexual adventures with groups of junior high school girls.

jail bait, consensual, 12-14, oral, vaj, anal

PW: JuniorHighPussyIsTheBest

>> No. 176
File Pretty_Little_Teasers.txt - (229.69KB , Pretty Little Teasers.txt )
Thank you Love Wellington storie's. Here is one you may like. It is about, I think, the high money end of the Newstar Agency. Either way having some newstar sets nearby can enhance the experience. LOL
>> No. 260
>> No. 286
yeah ill eat the right ones butthole then creampie her whore fuckwhole

File 152255177456.jpg - (72.66KB , 604x453 , yuR1jWEWgzw.jpg )
232 No. 232 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So.. is this open discussion?

Just was wondering about you guys and how you became...you know, into young girls and how you deal with it..

I don't know how it is for others, but i have had an intense love for little girls ever since i was about 7.
I met a beautiful blonde girl named Alisha in grade 1 and was GLUED to her for years. We held hands during class, kissed all the time on the jungle gym at lunch time, subsequently getting teased by other kids, and i would always go over to her house after school, where we would disappear in her closet for what felt like hours making out. Honestly, those were the best memories of my life...i can't even explain how amazing those moments were. I think the feelings i get looking at them now is similar, to a smaller degree. Not a feeling i get with ANYTHING else. It is difficult to explain, really.

Her mom never seemed to catch on, but when Alisha came over to my house, we would play games like 'nurse', that usually ended up with both of us naked in bed...at first kissing, but soon after it got very sexual and my sister would catch us doing it, and Alisha would have to go home.
I must admit, we had a pretty good understanding of sex, since i came across a VHS tape one day thinking it was my cartoons, only to end up witnessing hardcore pornography for the first time, at age 8. It was my older brother porn tape, which i was able to show to Alisha, and we would try to do what we saw on the tape haha. Funny, because i don't remember even giving her a chance to do anything to me, i just couldn't keep my hands off of her for long enough i guess. I become quite familiar with the area between her legs, that is for sure :)

Eventually, after getting caught many times, we were separated outside of school and shortly after, I moved away. She came and visited a few years later where we continued to express our desires for one another several more times before moving yet again and losing touch with her completely.

During the years i was intimate with Alisha, there were many other girls who i ended up kissing and playing with sexually, in bedrooms, in tree forts and on top of bail
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 265
I have few stories, hope it's okay if i share them here even if they're not strictly topic related. Also, sorry for bad English. They're all true experience.

My first experience happened when i was 11. I visited cousins one night, a boy (8) and girl (6). We haven't lived in same town, so i would see them occasionally. It all went pretty normal that day, until they suggested playing the "husband and wife" game with me. Since i was older, they both took on the wife role. At that time I secretly read porn magazines and watched porn movies on VHS tapes found hidden in my home. I masturbated since i was 6, maybe even younger, so I was more than aware of sex. However this was first real life experience.

Their house was quite big and we were in their bedroom which was all the way in the back, so privacy wasn't the issue.

What happened is that one of them would leave the bedroom while i had "sex" with the other. And every few minutes they would switch. It lasted for what it seems like hours and it was nothing but the most amazing experience.

I enjoyed much more with my female cousin and had longer rounds with her. I'm not gay, not even bisexual, but at that time i didn't mind playing with male cousin. He acted and even looked bit girly and wanted me to fuck him while he kissed my neck and mouth and moaned like a real girl.

It was my female cousin that I really enjoyed playing with. After a round or two, i took of her pants and pantie (she didn't mind it at all, actually she loved it) and for the first time in life i got to see a real pussy. Almost instinctively I buried my face between her legs and licked her tiny hole which had a very inviting scent. I remember using my fingers to stretch her very small pussy and simply admiring her. She then told me to fuck her so i laid over her and took out my penis. I forgot to mention, while all this went on, i had the hardest boner that almost broke through my pants.

I took down pants and started humping my cousin while she kept moaning and holding my head. We kissed almost non stop in mouth. I don't think that I ever truly penetrated he
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 268
Wow never thought I would find other guys who like the same things I do. When I was 8, I ate out my 3yr. Sister and have liked the sight,fell smell, and taste of young pussy.
>> No. 273
My story does not involve sex and may not be as hot as yours but was one of the biggest boner i had.

When i was 19yo, i went with a friend to a dinner in the neighborhood. The couple had a very very beautiful daugther(9yo), brown hair and blue eyes. I think she had a crush on me because she kissed me a lot :P

She spent the whole evening sitting on my lap, hugging,rubbing the buttocks near my cock(i was hard as fuck) and kissing me on the cheek. The feel of her in my arms was awesome.

She begged me to sleep with her when was the time for bed but her parent were there so I did not have the choice to say no. Imagine the sex that would have been.

Went to her house a couple of times after that and she hugged me tight with a some kiss... and when no one was looking she showed me her panties. :P

Lost contact with this family but shes older now and still very hot, I should find a way to date her.
>> No. 281
Part 1
This is the story of an event that turned me into a pedo lover. Something I never wanted to admit, but wanted to share with you guys.

When I was in my early 20s, and in college, I came back home for my little brother's birthday party. I didn't come home that often except for family functions and my brother was turning 11, which was a big deal for him because he thought he was proud to be over a decade old. For his party, my parents planned a house party with various games. They needed me to help out with the event, watching over the kids and running some of the games. I forget what all the games were, but we gave out prizes for the winners. We also had the kids bring their bathing suits because we were setting up a slip and slide in the backyard. My first job was to man the slip and slide and make sure the kids were taking turns and not getting hurt.

It was an easy gig, I had the kids lined up orderly and just told them when to go, making sure they didn't run into each other. I didn't really pay much attention to the kids until one girl who I didn't noticed was in line looked up at me and asked if she could go. I remembered looking down at her and was stunned at how incredibly pretty she was. She had beautiful hazel eyes and her dirty blonde hair was tied in a pigtail weave (my favorite look). She was wearing a yellow 2-piece bathing suit, and it actually hugged her form unlike how it was loose on the other girls at the party. I flustered a little bit and realized I subconsciously moved my eyes down to her budding breasts. I quickly snapped out of it and looked at the slide to make sure the coast was clear and then I told her she could go. As she started running to get into her slide, I couldn't help but stare at her ass. It was very cute and had some shape to it, it was rather plump for a girl of her age. I could tell she would break many hearts as she gets older.
>> No. 282
Part 2
When she finished her slide and got back up to walk back to the line, I saw her adjusting her bathing suit bottoms and arranging her top, slightly cupping her breasts and it instantly gave me a boner. I had to adjust myself so that nobody would notice. I felt a little embarassed at this. I found myself completely fixated on this girl. I found myself constantly glancing at her as often as I could while trying to make sure I didn't look like a creeper. I was starting to really look at her and focusing in every aspect of her body. I was very mesmerized by her whole demeanor. The way she walked on her tippie toes, or her budding tits with her clearly hard nipples from the cool water, to her cute lips and her infectious smile. The thought, at first wasn't sexual, I was almost too afraid to think such thoughts, but the more I looked at her, the harder it was to avoid thinking about her that way. I was completely attracted to her, she was 100% my type, but just a few years shy. I don't know why or what has taken over me then, but a part of me really wanted to just kiss her, wishing she was my girlfriend. I almost didn't care what the consequences was, I felt annoyed that society would find it taboo if I tried dating her. The thought of wanting to be with her was overwhelming. Obviously, I knew this wasn't an option, so I tried to block away those thoughts and just kept doing my job and enjoying the view as much as I could.

Just then, I had a thought, a slightly perverted thought that might give me an opportunity to touch her. When it was her turn again, I decided to ask her if she wanted me to give her a push so she could go further. Without any hesitation, she said "YEAH!". So when she started running into her slide, I ran with her and as her sliding slowed down, I put my hands on her ass and pushed her, or rather, I grabbed it and pushed her, I wanted to feel what those cheeks felt like. It was beyond amazing touching her there! My boner was becoming unbearable knowing what I was doing. She was completely oblious to the fact that I was basically grabbing her ass, in fact, she was excited at how hard and fast she went when I did it. With
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 151953030960.jpg - (224.81KB , 1600x1200 , 7506.jpg )
117 No. 117 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Gracel wanted to buy a new smartphone. Her family had no money to spare. A friend told her she could get some good money from farangs down to the bars district. She would have to dress a little slutty and go to a drink with the farangs. They will pay her enough for her to buy a new smartphone just for sitting with them. If she wanted more she could go up with them to their bedrooms in the hotels. But she was not a kid anymore, even if she was not a teenager yet, and she knew what could happen to her on a hotel room with some old farang.
That Friday, she told her mom she would sleep over her friend's house as they would study together through the weekend for an important test next week.
Her friend's parents were traveling and her friend's sitter was the one that introduced her friend to that scheme as she was a bar girl herself.
Gracel and her friend would have to give the sitter 200 euros and she would answer the phone to tell their parents everything was ok with the girls, if happened that the parents called while they were out by the bar district.
The sitter helped Gracel and her friend to dress a little slutty so they can go bar hopping. She also did a very slutty makeup on both of them. Gracel was a little ashamed but her new smartphone was worthy a little embarrassment.
They looked very hot and slutty and the cab driver that took them couldn't help to look at them two. Gracel saw that while the guy looked at her through the rear mirror he was with his big hand over a large bulge on his pants, massaging it.

I will continue the story if people ask...
5 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 167
Part 4
Only now, walking in the street from the cab to the pub, Gracel could feel how short her black dress was. Also, her little tiny pants were getting straight in to the crack of her ass and the fabric was scratching her little clit as she walked, making her feel all hot and wet inside her little pussy. The images of the big volume under the driver's pants kept coming back to her mind. Every time she thought about it a little discharge of electricity would go from her little clit all the way to her pussy and through her belly to her little dark brown nipples that were getting hardened under the transparent dress.
They finally got inside the pub, after the two guys that were taking Gracel and her friend gave a little brown envelope to the bouncer watching the door. After getting the envelope, the big guy looked to the little pretty girls and waved the girls and the two guys in.
As the girls entered the pub they barely could see in the midst of so much smog and because of the dim lights. Music was loud and the roar of too many people talking at same time made any conversation pretty much impossible, without yelling by each other's ear. And that is what Gracel's friend did: "So, you liked it?". Gracel waved her head saying yes, as they finally arrived to the "good guys" table.
There were around 12 guys, all westerners. 2 black guys were sitting close by, while all the white guys were sitting around the table. A big white guy tattooed all over his arms with a big beard was sitting at the head of the table. He looked Gracel with hungry eyes.
As soon the girls were made to seat, drinks were bought to them. They noticed however that the little English they spoke would not be enough to converse with the guys. One of the guys gave Gracel a 10 Euro bill. Oh God! That was 400 baht! And he said to her "Just because you got a pretty smile". Gracel's friend also got one from another guy. Both girls showed their 10 Euro bills to each other laughing. However, what they didn't noticed, was that their drinks were spiked with drugs that would make it easier for the guys to do what they wanted to them. They would be wild and crazy willingly par
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 168
File 152054973682.gif - (31.34KB , 130x130 , aplausos-gif.gif )
>> No. 186
File 152106078935.gif - (29.09KB , 240x240 , gato_shrek_bb.gif )
>> No. 250
Did it end there?
>> No. 261
Will you one day update?

File 151910469063.png - (2.68MB , 1920x1080 , Hardway House 1 - Making Julie relax_.png )
122 No. 122 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Young Julie had to lose her virginity before her next birthday to be in the club. To this end, she was given the choice of two men to do the job. Rick, who was tender and gentle; or Michael, whom they called "The hard way" because if you actually showed up, you would have no choice but to go through with it.

After being plied with wine and drugs, Julie finds out exactly why she would have no choice...
29 posts and 23 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 257
File 15234070456.png - (2.34MB , 1860x910 , Hardway house 3 way - The twins pop Teri's ch.png )
>> No. 258
File 15234072472.png - (2.51MB , 1860x910 , Hardway house 3 way - The twins pop Teri's ch.png )
>> No. 266
File 152513930718.png - (2.77MB , 1920x1080 , Hardway House 23 - Julies Cherry.png )
>> No. 267
File 152513939480.png - (2.67MB , 1920x1080 , Hardway House 24 - Crying Screaming Begging.png )
>> No. 269
File 152540790114.png - (2.91MB , 1920x1080 , Hardway House 25 - Crying Screaming Begging 2.png )

File 151654341581.jpg - (73.28KB , 450x600 , 053.jpg )
35 No. 35 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
...el riesgo era más que temerario, era absurdo.
- Nata, mi amor…
- ay, dime que no te gusta…
- ¡ja! Es que ese el problema.
- Y eso es justamente lo que yo quiero.
- Qué, ¿que nos descubran?
- No, profe. Quiero que se te pare otra vez.

Hola. A los hispanohablantes que visitan esta familia de páginas, un saludo y la bienvenida a mis relatos.

Aquí está el primero que les comparto:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 223

File 152288416696.jpg - (5.73KB , 225x225 , index.jpg )
238 No. 238 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Amy was six when my little sister brought her to our house for the first time. I was 12 myself so people didn't think it was weird for me to be around them yet.

I could already tell that Amy had a crush on me. I wasn't really into her in that way at first. I liked her. But I also liked other boys. And men. But that's another story.

It wasn't until a year after I met her that I realized just how sexy she was. Amy and my sister were on the coffee table dancing clumsily to a pop song.

I was sitting on the couch behind them trying to pretend I was in a strip club. It got real when Little Amy hopped onto the couch. She stood right above my crotch. She wasn't any better at lap dancing.

I decided to encourage her. I made lewd noises at her. I even patted her little but. She and my sister giggled at me.

Amy turned around so she could rub her little butt against my crotch. Even that didn't manage to make me hard. But when she stood up with he feet on either side of my hips her pants were down. She was bent over with her little ass inches from my face. And so I was bi.

That was the most extreme moment between us for months. I spent that time exploring my new found bisexuality. But that's another story.

Halloween is weird when you're 13. Most people think you're too old to trick or treat but too young to go to a party. A REAL party. I was "lucky" enough to have a little sister so I got to play escort.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 152273514361.jpg - (34.65KB , 512x384 , 1411674476200.jpg )
234 No. 234 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Lograr convencer a una chica para jugar papeles, donde ella hace de niña es genial, pero mucho más cuando le gusta hacerlo por morbo y no solo por complacerte.
>> No. 235
To convince a girl to play roles, where she plays as a girl is great, but much more so when she likes to do it out of curiosity and not just to please you.
>> No. 236
File 152273520735.jpg - (27.48KB , 384x512 , 1411674634911.jpg )

File AFTER4.txt - (144.84KB )
233 No. 233 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
hen the bell finally sounded Susie Merton sighed with
relief. She liked school and she was a good student, but it
had been a long afternoon. Her pussy had started to itch
during English, and she had been squirming about in her seat
all through History. She looked up at Mr. Thompson, her
history teacher, always so proper and respectable in his
blazer and flannels. Wednesday was the only day Susie had
him for her last class, and it seemed to her that he always
looked especially proper on those days. Catching his eye
turned in her direction she smiled, only to see him flush
and turn quickly away.

The other students filed out quickly. Susie lingered
and approached the teacher's desk as if to ask a question.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File Sin_Querer_Queriendo_1_-_4.txt - (145.48KB , Sin Querer Queriendo 1 - 4.txt )
231 No. 231 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Alguno tiene la saga completa de Sin Querer Queriendo eran 18 capitulos les dejo solo 4

File Sancia_and_Claire_ch_1_bdsmlibrary.doc - (46.50KB , Sancia and Claire ch 1 bdsmlibrary.doc )
213 No. 213 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Synopsis: Poor high-school student Sancia never thought anyone else would see her sketchbook of dark desires. But her sadistic classmate Claire likes what she sees, and as the two girls dangerously explore their new reality, young Sancia will discover how it feels to live out beyond her deepest dreams...and her worst nightmares
>> No. 214
File Sancia_and_Claire_ch_2.doc - (58.50KB , Sancia and Claire ch 2.doc )
Synopsis: Poor high-school student Sancia never thought anyone else would see her sketchbook of dark desires. But her sadistic classmate Claire likes what she sees, and as the two girls dangerously explore their new reality, young Sancia will discover how it feels to live out beyond her deepest dreams...and her worst nightmares

File alexis_takes_on_a_suiter.txt - (8.18KB , alexis takes on a suiter.txt )
229 No. 229 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
This is chapter 1- meeting and greeting no sex

File 2TEENS.txt - (14.38KB )
227 No. 227 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
She asks her daughters to entertain her new boyfriend while she steps out.

File 152177010488.jpg - (274.43KB , 768x1260 , pedoland1 (Medium).jpg )
225 No. 225 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 226
File 152177016170.jpg - (287.35KB , 768x1260 , pedoland1En (Medium).jpg )

File 151767993123.jpg - (38.16KB , 550x375 , Tattoo-Ideas-For-My-Son.jpg )
93 No. 93 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Got a bunch of short incest fantasy fixes with text-to-speech audio along with them.

Got yer Mom-son, Daddy-daughter, brother-sister and other possible combinations. With themes involving impregnation, sub to the parent, inter-family marriage, one or two genderbendings and other kinky filth like that. I like to keep things around 10-20 sentences long.

Let me know if any of them managed to rock your boat.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 98
05 - Dad - daughter. (Girls voice almost always in this lineup)

Daddy's cock has never felt sweeter. As he lifted me up and down his shaft, I was both full and wanting. I could now take all of him inside of me. Completely stretched to my limits. I looked at him both terrified and craving, afraid to push myself further, begging for him to push me. He was the one who knew about sex, he made me. I am just a toy in his arms, naked for him, letting him do this to me, jumping up and down as his dick just to get it deeper. I'm screaming on the inside. My heart is beating crazy because we both know the moment is coming. The moment when he will grab me painfully tight and push me as hard as he can. He will moan and want me to go as fast as I can. Oh Daddy, this is the moment you are closest to me. This is the only moment that I can control how much pleasure I can give you, that's why I give you my all. For a split second, all the world is silent, and I feel you shooting up in me. You moan like crazy from the pleasure I'm giving you. And all the house can hear my ass slapping on your crotch as you moan for more. I take all of you in me. Every drop of your precious sperm is now inside me. You are in me now, I am your woman, your girl Daddy. And I will keep you safe in me as you always made me feel safe. Finishing inside me leaves you so tired, so weak and vulnerable. Hide in me Daddy! When this goes away you can fuck me again, over and over as much as you'd like. I'm yours Dad, I love you.
>> No. 99
06 - Daddy - daughter. (begging)

I have never gotten over this, Dad. I still want you. You've been using me for sex ever since I was a little girl. I can't just stop now and pretend that it didn't happen. It did daddy. I know I've hated you a lot for doing this to me, but I need you to do it again. Please Daddy, this time it will be different. You're not gonna be hurting me, you're gonna be enjoying me. That's what you wanted all these years, we belong together. Sex is good with you. I don't care that it's wrong, it doesn't matter that I'm your daughter, I'm a woman. You became my man when you first fucked me, I was too young but I forgive you, I just want to be with you again.
>> No. 100
07- Dad & daughter (anal)

Dad pushed his penis into my ass. He slowly stretched me, making sure that it didn't hurt me. I was in heaven. My legs were wide open and my ass was up in the air, both my hands pulling my to further open for him. I was lost in the clouds and the only thing that could bring me back was the feeling of his cock sliding into me. Keep going Dad, keep pushing as I rub my clitoris to a screaming orgasm.
>> No. 101
08 - daughter solo. (listening in on parents)

I can hear mom and dad having sex in the other room. She is moaning loud. Apparently she is enjoying it. God I wish that I was there in her place, taking in Dad's cock. It should be my ass slapping on his body, should be me who he puts it into. It's not fair Mother. You and Dad have had all the sex in the world, why can't I have it too. Why can't you let Dad do me as he does you every night. Each time I hear them, I can't stop myself from getting aroused. They're having sex not even 5 feet away from me. But they lock the door to keep me out, why? Why do you do this to me. All I have left is to masturbate to the sound of my parents having sex, wishing that it was me they were having it with. Mommy, why can't you let me have this? Stop showing me how good it feels for you, think about me for a second. I need to have him too. We can share I know we can figure it out. Oh why, why won't you let me enter, let me watch, anything. Please, I need to get fucked so bad right now.
>> No. 224
File 15217613072.jpg - (1.06MB , 2857x1440 , asd.jpg )

File My_Life_As_A_Sex_Slave.doc - (89.00KB , My Life As A Sex Slave.doc )
222 No. 222 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
A young redhead is kidnapped, raped and tortured. Then she finds out who is her next master.

File Missy's_misfortune_ch_1.doc - (161.00KB , Missy's misfortune ch 1.doc )
215 No. 215 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Synopsis: A very shy, innocent young girl ask for help from her guidence counsellor. Instead, gets led to a unknown world of female slavery
1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 217
File Missy's_Misfortune_ch_3.doc - (130.00KB , Missy's Misfortune ch 3.doc )
>> No. 218
File Missy's_misfortune_ch_4.doc - (188.00KB , Missy's misfortune ch 4.doc )
>> No. 219
File Missy's_misfortune_ch_5.doc - (134.50KB , Missy's misfortune ch 5.doc )
>> No. 220
File Missy's_misfortune_ch_6.doc - (162.50KB , Missy's misfortune ch 6.doc )
>> No. 221
File Missy's_misfortune_ch_7.doc - (234.00KB , Missy's misfortune ch 7.doc )

File Dylans_Dungeon_ch_1_bdsmlibrary.txt - (14.68KB , Dylans Dungeon ch 1 bdsmlibrary.txt )
212 No. 212 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 152016018512.jpg - (8.53KB , 183x275 , IMG-20180116-WA0057.jpg )
156 No. 156 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Sentados al final de las gradas tomados de las manos, Jorge seca las lágrimas de Anita explicándole por qué no pueden seguir con la relación secreta que los unió hace casi un año.

Anita, te amo con todas mis fuerzas, pero debes entenderme, tus padres nunca entenderían nuestro amor y yo iría a la cárcel -
Pero profe… no importa que yo esté terminando el último nivel de natación. Yo puedo escaparme e ir a su apartamento -
Es peligroso amor mío, ya no tendremos una excusa firme para vernos -
Siento que muero… profe… puedo escribirle? -
Cuando quieras -

Se despiden, Jorge observa a Anita alejarse y en su mente recuerda la primera vez que vió el desnudo y trémulo cuerpo de aquella niña.

Con traumas por su sobrepeso, se sentía fea y con tan baja autoestima fue presa fácil para el entrenador quien dándole un trato preferencial y palabras que aliviaban su soledad, con piropos y cariño logró enamorarla. Anita no era bonita, era gordita y carecía de gracia, pero era la única que tenía el perfil de “niña seducible”. A pesar de llevar meses teniendo sexo con Jorge 2 días a la semana, la niña siempre fue torpe en las posiciones y sus mamadas eran aburridas, pero era suficiente para Jorge. No cualquiera puede decir que tiene una amante que apenas le está apareciendo vello púbico.

Satisfecho, respira profundo balanceandose con los talones y da media vuelta, su mirada se topa con Laura quien camina hacia él.

A diferencia de Anita, Laura posee un hermoso cuerpo que con sólo 10 años puede producir erecciones a cualquier hombre. La niña se detiene frente a Jorge y le pregunta:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 171
please continue!
>> No. 179
¡pobre anita!
>> No. 199
File 152155147864.jpg - (303.34KB , 2560x1440 , Laura-wallpapers5.jpg )
Miss Bugorskaya!

File 152100381891.jpg - (56.80KB , 720x960 , ella.jpg )
180 No. 180 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Ya con todas sus cosas cargadas en su camioneta, Rubén se detiene en la puerta del apartamento, ha vivido allí durante 15 años desde que se casó, hasta hoy.

Con una mirada y en silencio, se despide de su esposa cuando aparece Alicia, su hija de 12 años quien llorando lo abraza.

Su esposa le pidió el divorcio al estar convencida que Rubén la engaña con una amante, el hombre sale del apartamento y la niña le pide a la mamá que le permita acompañar a su papá hasta el estacionamiento. Padre e hija bajan en silencio dentro del ascensor hasta el sótano, Rubén abre la puerta del asiento trasero y entra después de la niña. Sollozando y secándose las lágrimas, Alicia baja la bragueta del pantalón de su papá y saca el ya erecto pene, abre la boca y antes de meterse casi todo el inmenso miembro de su padre, murmura:

Te voy a extrañar papi -
Suspirando profundamente Rubén disfruta en silencio mientras piensa lo doloroso que será estar lejos de su amante de 12 años.
>> No. 198
I love it when I fuck lil girl age 7 yr and she loves it

File A_RUSTY_RED_VAN.txt - (53.64KB , A RUSTY RED VAN.txt )
181 No. 181 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
This one's pretty good. I have many I copied from a usenet site.
>> No. 182
Meeting two horny twins of a young age at a large birthday party. Has a little Mind Control thingy too, whatever. Still a decent story
>> No. 183
File Diary_of_a_Pre-teen_Porn_Queen.txt - (43.54KB , Diary of a Pre-teen Porn Queen.txt )
Author : MeatBo
>> No. 184
File Fuck_Doll.txt - (42.08KB , Fuck Doll.txt )
Author unknown. Sometimes you get blind sided in life. This man's normal work day changes his life.
>> No. 185
File Filthy_Amanda.txt - (160.87KB , Filthy Amanda.txt )
Little Amanda wakes to the pleasure of sex. Why bother with little boys if you can get it man sized right?

File 152015972688.jpg - (29.98KB , 533x800 , laura.jpg )
155 No. 155 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Desde la primera vez que la vi, he soñado fantasías con Laura B. Quisiera que ella fuera mi amante y todos los días me recibiera en casa, nos duchamos y tenemos el más rico sexo de mi vida. Sueño con chuparle esa rica cosita que se le marca, hasta que con un intenso gemido su cuerpo tiembla del orgasmo.
>> No. 177
File Good_Neighbor.txt - (113.25KB , Good Neighbor.txt )
From the first time I saw her, I dreamed fantasies with Laura B. I would like her to be my lover and every day I would be welcomed at home, we would shower and have the richest sex of my life. I dream of sucking him that rich little thing that is marked, until with an intense moan his body trembles from orgasm.

Obviously something is missing but maybe we'll be better at learning to be multilingual.
>> No. 178

Espero que a Laura le esté yendo bien en su vida, con más razón después de provocar tantos buenos deseos en muchos de sus admiradores.

File 151881070987.jpg - (511.49KB , 1881x1058 , senior-old-man-reading-book-dreamstime_m_54213820-.jpg )
112 No. 112 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Nice, I love the idea of this board. I'm a voracious reader of pedo stories and have several thousand downloaded, but 99.9 % of them are in HTML format. I'll start converting some of my favorites for posting here.
>> No. 150
I visit here daily. I really wish you hadn't forgotten about us librarian.
>> No. 153
Yeah, thousands of stories sounds good, especially those with drugs, gangbangs and non-consent (if all together, then best).

No. 4 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Not written by me. Taken from a board a few years ago called ASSTR.org which stopped posting new stories at that time.No reason was given as I recall.


>> No. 5
Page 2 - how about changing the file types allowed for stories to include some sort of text file such as doc or pdf.


>> No. 17
File saras_photo_shoot.pdf - (1.20MB )
PDF Attached

File 15162467467.jpg - (196.13KB , 1024x1279 , BG part 2 (18) copy.jpg )
21 No. 21 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
5 chapters in all.


File 151890803796.jpg - (177.92KB , 1128x635 , The_GAP_Has_Everything4.jpg )
113 No. 113 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Please: Any News from Chulapária? I have a old newspaper!!!
>> No. 118
What is the limit for posting in chars?
I want to post some stories I have but I don't want to upload anything anywhere. Just want to plain post them here.


>> No. 121
Thanks for the answer. Can we post non-consent stories, provided we precede them with the necessary warnings and disclaimers?


>> No. 139
File 151967600747.jpg - (2.63KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
Why don't you just upload a txt or doc or pdf file to here?
>> No. 140
Thanks for the suggestion, but I prefer to be safe behind Tor, VPN, you know, all the goods. They are killing the 1st amendment this April 25, and they may decide to send people to jail for something they wrote after that, so, I don't want to bear the risk. Call me chicken, lol. But they say room service is pretty lame inside a federal can, lol, especially as we won't have a constitution anymore by the end of this year.
I will post on blocks of 8192 chars later on.
BTW, what happened yesterday? Cloudfare hiccup?


File 151862938277.jpg - (73.03KB , 500x667 , 53e27aa523ef45cad329b85659749ef1.jpg )
108 No. 108 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

pw - TeenPussyIsTheBest

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